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Runzi333 (born January 3, 1995)[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Vermont, USA.[2]


Runzi's fursona is a white three-tailed vampire kitsune.[3] She has black fur on the backs of her ears, her socks, and in V-shapes on the tips of her tails.[1] She has purpleish/blueish eyes, and her hair falls over her right eye. The tips of her hair are black, and she wears a little skull-and-crossbones hair clip.

Runzi has big bat wings that are white on the inside webbing but black everywhere else. They are usually turned into cute chibi wings that float over her shoulders. (She can still hover when they are like this, but not really fly well.) She can also have vampire fangs at will.


Runzi's fursuit character is Empire, a black, blue, and white huskaroo (husky-kangaroo hybrid).[3] Empire was made by Paws On Productions, and previously owned by SassyPie.


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