Running Wild (comic)

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Running Wild
Author(s) Jesonite
Status Irregularly
Launch date October 12th, 2009
End date February 13th, 2010
Genre Adventure, Comedy

Running Wild is an adventure/comedy webcomic drawn and written by Jesonite.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

After receiving a letter from Ollie, Annie finally returns to Milestone City to visit her friend and to stay. Hungry, Annie heads to a diner to grab a quick meal and to calls Ollie; however, Ollie is not home. Annie leaves a voice message that reveals that she just came from Ice Creek and is amazed to see that Milestone has gotten big since last time she was here. Annie manages to retrieve Ollie’s address from her phone’s cellular date. Despite her desire to explore the town, Annie decides to forgo all the sightseeing and head directly to Ollie’s house until she steps outside to see several attractive men hanging around.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ann “Annie” Junea.

Ann Junea

Ann Junea, or Annie for short, is the central protagonist for Running Wild. After receiving a letter from Ollie, Annie decides to visit and stay in Milestone City. Returning from Ice Creek, Annie makes a quick stop at a diner to quite her rumbling stomach and to locate Ollie’s house. Despite her initial attempt to forgo exploring Milestone City as it is bigger than what she remembers, Annie does stop to take in the sight of attractive men all around her.


Although is never appears in the actual comic, Ollie does write Annie a letter that hints at the possibility that there are problems occurring in both their lives and encourages Annie to come visit her if she is ever in town.

No Longer Listed on the Katbox[edit]

Making the announcement through SoulKat, Jesonite stated that he could no longer work on Running Wild due to his new job and cancelled the comic on February 13th, 2010. Running Wild’s subdomain has been removed from the Katbox.

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