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Runa, formerly "Runa Merone" is a Gryphon furry from Norwich Ontario. He is 22 years old, and Attends the london ontario furmeets.


Runa learned of the fandom on January 1st 2005, and adopted a tiger fursona, which was based on a character of his in a yet-unwritten novel. This fursona was actually called a 'jysar' (The name of the species in the novel.) His patterns were very basic, red fur with black stripes.

Other fursonas[edit]

However, in his two and a half years as a furry, he started trying out different characters from this novel, including a half-human, half jysar Neko, an all black feline female, a white wolf, and a gryphon. He ended up picking the gryphon (named Ceylon in the story) and stuck with it.

His current fursona is this anthro gryphon character, half white tiger, and half osprey, with feathers running down his back and to the tip of his tail. This gives a great feeling of having both Spots and Stripes. His base colors are, of course, simply black and white, but the white is constantly changing to any color imaginable. his flesh is all black (much like human flesh is pink.) This means his beak, arms, claws, and foot-pads are all black, as well as his tongue and any other fleshy parts of his body.

In the story, this character is the God of transformation, along with 9 other gods, each specializing in a different discipline of magic. Runa kept his name instead of changing it to Ceylon (to reflect the fursona change) to keep people from being confused needlessly.

Real life[edit]

Runa is currently residing in Brantford, Ontario, and is attending Mohawk College in Hamilton for Television Broadcasting. he is currently in his final semester, but is considering continuing his education. He does not fursuit, nor is he spiritual about his fursona. he has not attended any cons other than Anime North.

Runa is scheduled to start working for Bad Dragon as a customer service representative, public relations, and will be working in toy design and development.

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