Rudolph: The True Tale

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Rudolph: The True Tale
Author(s) Faithie
Update schedule Sporadic
Launch date 2006
End Date Ongoing
Genre FantasyAdventure
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Rudolph: The True Tale, also known as RTTT, is a furry web comic by Faithie. It is a twisted, re-made version of "Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer", the old Christmas song, changing the reindeer from working for Santa Clause to Warriors for their North Pole Leader, Santonis Clause. It is drawn, inked, and shaded in by hand, with text added in with art programs. It updates sporadically, though it often has daily/semi-daily updates in the December months.


There are four poles -- North, South, East and West. The North and South are in areas of constant cold, the East and West, in constant heat. Everyone survives in these areas because of special jewels found in every one of the poles, jewels that put up a barrier to protect the poles from heat or cold, making the areas not only survivable, but prosperous. The poles lived happily in peace, none wanting to travel to the next because of the Nomad Lands in between, inhabited by rather violent beings... That was, until the South Pole stole the North Pole's Jewel.

Ever since then, a war has been raging on for over twenty years, neither the South nor the North giving way.

Even worse, the East had their princesses vanish almost a year ago, and the West tried to find them. The North and West became allies, and the East and South teamed up together as well.

Warriors protect every pole, but in the Northern one, they receive titles -- Comet, Donner, Cupid, Vixen, Dasher, Blitzen, Prancer and Dancer. Every time one is killed, a new one takes their place. It has been so for twenty years.

And in the North Pole capitol, one boy wishes to become a Warrior, but knows he cannot because of a genetic condition... But when he meets up with the Warriors' Small Mistress and begins going to their practices, things begin to change... It seems the war is ending. But which way shall it go?


Rudolph Waraleck -- A sixteen-year-old male reindeer that is the main character of the story. He gained the nickname 'Demon boy' because of a genetic disorder that causes him to glow bright red whenever emotional, causing him to be rather emotionless in general. His greatest wish is to be a Warrior, but he knows it is unlikely due to the fact that his genetic condition is considered 'demonic' or 'evil', and all other children who had developed it had been killed.

Small Mistress -- Xiara Xiue, a sixteen-year-old half-rabbit, half-reindeer hybrid with a rather pushy personality despite her shy appearance. She is the daughter of the Training Master and managed to becomg the Small Mistress as a result. She became the best friend of Rudolph and gave him an excuse to visit the training area of the Warriors.

Comet I -- Seranio Clause, a twenty-year-old reindeer that is both the leader of the Warriors and the son of Santonis Clause, making him the prince of the North Pole. He is quiet and very serious, often taking duty before all else. He is one of two North Pole residents still capable of using Interstellar Style to send attacks at people with the North Pole's energy.

Donner I -- Lyrae Oren, a twenty-one-year-old reindeer that uses twin broadswords made from hardened ice to protect Comet. He always dons a mask and seems to rarely speak.

Vixen I -- Fabikono Lisitsa, a twenty-three-year-old reindeer with quarter of fox in him. He is usually very narcissistic and self-absorbed, but blames himself for the death of one of the Cupids and holds some resentment towards the new Cupid because of it.

Dancer I -- Garriles Quep, a twenty-two-year-old reindeer.

Prancer I -- Jerom Lydech, a twenty-seven-year-old reindeer who has survived longer than any Warrior before him; fourteen years without death or resining.

Blitzen I -- Uakos Futatsu, a nineteen-year-old reindeer and twin of Dasher. He is the more serious, calculated twin.

Dasher I -- Sokau Futatsu, a nineteen-year-old reindeer and twin of Blitzen. He is the prankster of the group, a bit immature, and can be differentiated from his identical brother because of a piece of ear he is missing. His first name also is an anagram.

Cupid I -- Airaj Eros, an eighteen-year-old albino reindeer that is the newest member of the Warriors. Though his arrow skills are impressive, he was very cocky and looks down on the Warriors before him that have died, causing tension in the group.

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