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Ruby is a character in the webcomic Jewel Vixens.

The Dynamite Cowgirl[edit]

Explosive specialist, and good ol' Country Girl. Ruby was raised in the heart of rural Texas with a family well-known for their stock-piles of explosive weaponry, be it from old mining expeditions to war spoils. She’s very wild, very outgoing, and packs a friendly-yet-stern attitude to all she meets. Ruby also has a general no-nonsense knowledge of many things, but due to the isolation of the family farm, she hasn’t always excelled in the ways of ‘modern’ life of the city. Her confidence and generally upbeat attitude carry her along, though. Having a simple attitude on life might give one the impression that she isn't very smart, but in reality she just hasn't gotten out of town much. At the same time, it's kept her from developing an understanding of innuendo, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on how one looks at it. Still, she loves what she does, and any chance she gets to make use of something loud and explosive, she'll jump at the opportunity. Ruby is also the only one on the team who is currently dating, much to the dismay of Sapphire as she worries that it will risk collateral damage. Then again, Ruby causes plenty of damage on her own (which is usually either a good thing, or just a hilarious thing). Her boyfriend is a truck driver named Stanley who happens to be completely unaware of his girlfriend's spy status.


  • Fox breed: Red
  • Age: 26
  • Eyes: Deep red
  • Fur: Crimson red with black ears, gloves, tailtip, and boots
  • Cup size: E
  • Place of Birth: Houston, TX
  • Team occupation: Heavy Weapons
  • Arsenal: Colt Peacemaker revolver, Bowie knife, M-60, anything loud and/or explosive
  • Friends: Stanley
  • Likes: Her boyfriend Stanley, Texas bar-b-que, truckin’, playing her guitar, bar brawling, hard whiskey
  • Dislikes: Girly men, girly women, girly guns
  • Preferred Music: Country, Bluegrass, Gospel
  • Skills: Guitar playing, marksfurship, explosives

Phys. Description[edit]

Ruby’s fur coloration is unique among red foxes, as she has a fur-color combination of dark crimson and black; black on the ears, tailtip, “boots”, and “gloves.” No white fur on her belly; just dark crimson like the rest of her body. Her eyes are also a deep red hue. In bodyform, she’s a big one, heh... pleasantly curved, but really tall, and has the hips and thighs to match her "well-endowed" upper body, and a well-muscled body to back it all up. Her headfur is thick and fluffy, reaching down below her mid-back. Common attire is a cowboy hat, plaid shirt that’s twisted into a midriff style with jeans (usually a pair that’s ripped WAY above the thigh), and snakeskin or leather boots.


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