Rubber Dragon

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Concept art by James Newland.

Rubber Dragons are a fictional living rubber species created by Jackie Demon.


Rubber Dragons first appeared on Jackie Demon's Twitter page on April 8, 2020, with a screenshot of him and different colored rubber dragons avatars on VRChat being donned by users. He announced that it was a new 'line-up'. On April 26, the term "Rubber Dragon" was officially coined by Jackie and those interested with its creation. The same day, Jackie Demon uploaded the Rubber Dragon Zone world on VRChat that allowed users to become various colors of Rubber Dragons.


According to Jackie Demon, there is no lore associated with Rubber Dragons, but there are a few methods of transformation to become a Rubber Dragon. The first depicted method was coming into contact with black goop, which would slowly cover its target and begin a 'dronification' corruption process. Another way is by embracing a Rubber Dragon, also starting the drone process.

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