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Rrauwl is a furry who has had involvement in building several MUCKs.


As a teenager, Rrauwl's player was active in the native American community (though he himself was not native American), in the areas of conservation and shamanism. He was involved in a lot of fur-like activity in the mid and late 80's, and might be considered a pre-net member of the community.

MUCK involvement[edit]

Rrauwl was of the first builders on FurToonia under the guidance of Tabyathe and Khaz using the name Vincent. He worked primarily on the underground areas with Alexei, though he was known to help out his real life friend, Sonic, from time to time. Vincent was retired in the mid 90's, and all building became property of the Wizards. Rrauwl cited suffering from stalkers in real life, and disappeared from the online community for some time.

Later, Rrauwl became active on the fur and shapeshifter community on the strictly roleplay MUSH, AmberMUSH, based on the works of Roger Zelazny. There, he was the builder of Shadrul's Way, a community of tiger morphs. His character became quite powerful, with access to nearly all of the advanced powers theoretically available to a 'Shadow' character. Rrauwl was retired in the late 90's, and Shadrul's way became property of the Wizards.

Rrauwl's player retired this persona after leaving AmberMUSH, and currently plays as other characters on Tapestries MUCK, and publishes his works of fiction under an alternate name on YiffStar.

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