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Royal Dog (born December 14, 1985)[1] is a fursuiter, artist, and writer, who grew up in Loveland, Ohio, U.S.A.[1], and currently resides in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.[1]

Royal Dog entered the fandom in 1998, but was mainly lurking until late 2006/early 2007. He has a habit of placing his name in front of his various subnames, appearing in forms like Royal-Tenrou or R-Gao, sometimes causing confusion.

Royal Dog's fursona is a celestial wolf-dog named Tenrou, who, in his imagined background story, is an outcast of the royal celestial wolves and far too wolf-like to be a part of the non-royal celestial dogs. Royal Dog's fursuit is a wolf named Gao, who was built by Noble Productions.[2]


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