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Pandora as drawn by Kitsumi.

KitsuneFoxman, also known as Pandora or Pandy, is a furry artist and illustrator from the Philadelphia metro area who lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. He was engaged to Astra for about three years before breaking up with her on friendly terms in 2007.

Pandora had been a member of the furry community since the end of 2003, but did not take an active part in the fandom until 2004 when CrazyFox introduced him to the online art gallery known as deviantART.

Pandora once considered himself just a furry artist, until he found a niche in the fandom and decided he was a furry. Pandora has attended several furcons since 2006, and goes to furmeets in Pennsylvania on a regular basis.


Pandora is a red fox/Tarantula Hawk Wasp hybrid, a creature called a Waox. The term Waox was originally coined by Veeschee sometime during 2006, who came up with it as a simple name for Pandora's species. Pandora seems to be the only known Waox. He has yellow-orange fur, long blonde hair, green eyes, and a purple tail with a black ring and light purple tip, ended with a red stinger. He has black forearms, lower legs, and ears. He also has black markings on his muzzle, and white markings around his eyes.

He usually wears green-lensed aviator goggles, and black leather collars on his neck and tail. He has a pair of insect veined wings on his back and antennae on his head.

The collar on his neck has a gold tag with his name on it. He recently gave his green-lensed trademark aviator goggles to Toddfox in real life, but his character retains the item.

In the artwork and fiction Waoxes have appeared in, they had general physical appearance of a fox with wings, antennae and a stinger on the end of the tail. Under their fur, skin, and layers of body fat is a strong chitonous plating, like an exoskeleton within the body. Under the exoskeleton is a standard anthro fox skeletal system. The combination of the exoskeleton and skeleton makes Waoxes very durable. Contained within their tails are several venom glands. Waoxes' wings are surprisingly strong, however if wet they become soggy, negating flight until they dry. Since Pandora is the only Waox known to date, it is unknown if others also have purple tails.

Pandora is the basic standard of what a waox is to be, however due to the energy reactor in his chest he has an assortment of supernatural powers, such as flight, super strength and beam weapons--namely swords and energy shots. He can also phase through walls and exhibit hypnotic vision.

Roxy Stone[edit]

Roxeanne Stone, aka Roxy Stone, is a red furred vixen character created by KitsuneFoxman. She has black hair, black stockings (legs and arms), and purple eyes.

Character history[edit]

She appears in the continuity of harrow and innocent blood.

She is alleged to have been born sometime in the future of Harrow's world, Eden, to the granddaughter of DeltaFox. She was orphaned at an early age and adopted by Mr. Ruddabegga and Oliver. She was subsequently raised to be a part of their company, entertaining the masses of the satellite colony of Tinseltown, where it is always Christmas.

Rudabegga employed Oliver, the manager, and Vixen Starlight and Mumford, the chief performers. Starlight became a surrogate mother, role model and mentor for young Roxy.

Eventually Roxy came to join the show by accident, and became an overnight sensation with Starlight. Mumford on the other hand was as a result of his drug addiction. Mumford grew spiteful and tried to assassinate Roxy at a show with a sniper rifle, but Starlight jumped in the path of the shot and was killed almost instantly.

Roxy grew up with false happiness, and often quenched her sorrows with alcohol. She had no real friends again until an unknown entity destroyed Eden and she was transported to Makai, where she met Kitsune Reynard. Roxy was later sent to the past to help stop the entity from destroying that world. While there she befriended Delta Fox and also became infatuated with Kritter Defier.

Roxeanne in art[edit]

Roxeanne has been the target of numerous fan arts, and up until recently was forbidden from being in yiff or pornographic material by her creator. This was most likely lifted when he put her in such material himself, none of which has been seen online for the most part, ignoring one image of her in bondage.


Pandora's style is most strongly influenced by that of Margaret Carspecken, with hints of other artists as well. His preferred tools of the trade are Prismacolor markers and Sakura micron pens; he also outlines his works with a thick black outline using Sharpie marker.

He takes commissions regularly and is often quite busy with them. He once drew comics, (including 'Harrow which focused on the childhood adventures of Miles Delano Prower, Hanna Vulpine and their friends) rather often but has done very little in recent years along these lines.


Pandora is an avid reader of the work of Robert and Margaret Carspecken, and is a fan of the webcomic Faux Pas. He regularly collects Robert's older works. His style is inspired most by theirs. Other inspirations are D.C. Simpson, Eric Schwartz, and Walt Kelly.

Other interests[edit]

Pandora has a large interest in Herpetology and Entomology. He has a large collection of reptiles, most of which being assorted species of geckos. Besides his reptile interests, he enjoys collecting Aliens and other horror movie merchandise, and other old toys and collectables.

In the past Pandora regularly went on urban exploration expeditions with his friends, but stopped when said friends left for Iraq. He reads a large amount of comics and graphic novels and enjoys anime and American animation as well.

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