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Rowdy circa 2016

Rowedahelicon also known as Rowdy, born June 12th, 1992, is a furry artist and computer scientist from America. He is the founder and head admin of the furry gaming group SouthernCross Gaming.


Rowdy is a former timber wolf, turned Luekos Arsenikon Crux. He stands at 6 feet tall with only slight deviations from the standard White/Black Crux color scheme. His eyes are coated in a layer of luciferin, allowing them to glow blue. The intensity of the glow differs randomly.


Little is known about Rowdy's origins other than at some point he was captured and experimented on. All knowledge of his previous self was seemingly wiped from his memory and only bits of evidence remain in the form of lab notes. It is also unknown as to why he was chosen or what the intention of the experiment was, as the scientists conducting it all but vanished, leaving their notes and tools behind. Rowdy resides in an abandoned observatory building, which he has since retrofitted with appliances, furniture and more, converting it into the Southern Cross building.


Rowdy is a computer programmer, graphic designer, character artist and fursuiter. He has been known to volunteer at cons and occasionally hosts a panel discussion about anxiety and shyness within the furry fandom. He is an artist who frequents Weasyl and Furaffinity, specializing in vector work and occasional sketch-work.

Southern Cross Gaming[edit]

In late 2010, Rowdy founded SouthernCross Gaming, a furry gaming group mainly based on Steam. It has been the main focus of his work, allowing him to develop and practice his skills as a programmer and artist.


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