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Rouxx (also called Drake or Drakiee Rouxx; born February 13, 1991)[1] is a furry who lives in Menlo, Georgia, U.S.A.[1]

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Rouxx is a Folf hybrid, commonly mistaken for a raccoon due to his markings. His folfsky mate is Eimiee Jaxxon, who happens to live on the same road as him. They are both active members in the fandom, attending meets with the MurrFurrs Atlanta group.

Rouxx discovered the furry fandom around 2003, when, one night, he stumbled across some "mature" furry art online. Investigating further, he learned about fursuits and was hooked.

To keep in touch with other furries, Rouxx created an online presence, setting up accounts on MySpace, Fur Affinity, and LiveJournal, and screen names on YIM, AIM, and MSN.

Rouxx and his mate are open about their furriness, freely keeping furry-oriented items (including collars, harnesses, and tails that match their fursonas) in their vehicles. Most of their weekends are spent going to Chattanooga, Tennessee, for a Furry Day Out, which consists of walking around downtown Market St. and over the pedestrian bridge to Coolidge Park, and occasionally going to Hamilton Place Mall.

He is head of the TAG furs, which is currently very inactive, do to a lack of support.


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