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Rourke Danyals, known in most furry communities as simply Rourkie, and who has been nicknamed the Musicat by many of his peers, is an artist and musician living in the Boston area in Massachusetts, USA. He is the con-chair, and on the Board of Directors, of The Maltese Fur-Con (2014).[1]

Rourkie is probably best recognized for being one of the founders of the Fat Bunny Agenda, and was featured in a banner on the front page of Fur Affinity for Fat Bunny Week (June 25-31, 2010). He is also involved as an administrator in the Furry Basketball Association, contributing characters, music, stories, his voice, and artwork to the project.

Rourkie was the moderator of the email list Fursize, a list that caters to common size-related fetishes, such as vorarephilia, lipophilia (weight-gain), macro/microphilia, and inflation. While he only had a passing interest in the list's subject material, he inherited the list from its original owner and moderator, Cerine Mephit, in 2002 when it was determined that he was the only list member both willing to take on the task AND capable of maintaining the peace between list members.

Rourkie also runs a small publications and media company called Blue Fox Studios. His company caters to the needs of his clients, and is anywhere from a graphic and web design studio, to a publisher and print house, to even music and video production.

Rourkie attends FurFright, Further Confusion and Anthrocon on a semi-regular basis.

Rourkie has held many professions, working in retail, food service, communications, law practice, education, and has partaken in both graphic arts and music-related endeavors, the latter of which is his preferred area of expertise. In the past, he has partnered up with aethan to record three musical albums and perform at renaissance fairs under the name "Will and Rowan." The albums are available for distribution through Blue Fox Studios and on iTunes.

In 2010, Rourkie assisted katmomma with publishing The Tortoise and the Hare .


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