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Roudy Raccoon seen scripting an LAV-AD in Second Life. Model by Bean Emoto.

Roudy Raccoon (born September 4, 1991) is a male raccoon furry who lives in Thorold, Ontario, Canada.


As of August, 2005, Roudy is employed as a line cook in the neighboring city of St. Catharines. He is known for sporadic photography on his Fur Affinity page of the many locations he has visited over his life time.

Roudy is experienced in the field of computer technologies and has completed multiple CCNA and computer engineering courses. He does not consider his interest with electronics to be a profession, but more of a hobby. He is often seen tearing apart random electronics just to see how they work or to remove functional parts in a dead device.

He has an emerging interest in road side assistance and vehicular mechanics after the acquisition of a new truck in 2012.

He is now mated to Fyrina.


Roudy has never been known to have a set fursona character other then that of a raccoon, when asked he has always stated that his fursona "is nothing more then a representation of himself in the image of his favorite animal" citing that he would "rather be known to be himself then to be someone else behind a raccoon character".

Virtual work[edit]

Roudy was a builder on Second Life, but later moved into the in-world Linden Scripting Language, with which he has created multiple vehicles and weapons systems in the game. He used to run an in-world store called "Armored Engineering", and is one of the lead scripting elements of the "Operations" brand. Much of his work can be found in the in-world RP military group "Merczateers", located in the simulator 'Merczateers'.

He appears under the user name RoudyRaccoon Hand, but has recently used the display name Roudy Raccoon.

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