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Rossweisse is the title and main character of an anthropomorphic comic by Ted Sheppard.
Cover Art from Rossweisse #2 fanzine printed in 1991


The series first appeared in the furry fanzine Furversion in 1989, and continued later in its own fanzine until 1991. After a 16 year hiatus the series returned with the scanned pages uploaded to Fur Affinity in 2007-2008. Since January 2008 the comic is once again active with new pages being drawn. In January 2010 a new 100 page Rossweisse book was released.


Loosely based on Norse mythology and historical events, the story follows a valkyrie (a minor Norse war goddess), Rathgirth Rossweisse Valkyrja who is exiled to Earth for 1000 years, starting in 1066. She is joined by fellow Aesir exile, Jori Helmingr, and later by a brook faerie named Lilla.


Page from the comic. Rossweisse (accompanied by Jori and Lilla) finds work as a bodyguard to a Byzantine princess, Theodora.
  • Rathgirth Rossweisse Valkyrja usually goes by Rossweisse. She is an arctic wolf with white fur and hair. Rossweisse was exiled for diplomatic reasons. Being a minor goddess, she considers herself superior to anyone on Earth, including fellow exile Jori. However her entire life has been spent in a military environment, following orders, not giving them, so she makes poor decisions when it comes to anything besides fighting. Unlike her companions, Rossweisse does not fit in well on Earth and often attracts unwanted attention.
  • Jori Helmingr is a fox. Unlike Rossweisse, he was permanently exiled as a criminal after pilfering gold. He has been on Earth about 50 years longer than Rossweisse, and understands the people and cultures much better than Rossweisse, who rarely listens to his advice. Since Rossweisse is still well thought of in Asgard, Jori hopes to stay in her good graces and get a pardon when she returns from exile.
  • Lilla a dormouse, is a brook faerie discovered by Jori in the second chapter of the comic. She is the last of her kind, although she is not aware of that. She joins Jori and Rossweisse because she's tired of being alone. Lilla has the ability to fly, change her size, and some healing abilities.

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