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Rose Besch, aka Bara-chan, is an anthro/anime artist whose art features a "chunky", large-eyed style and significant use of computer graphics. She is based in Atlanta,[1] Georgia, USA.

Bara-chan's anime fan artwork has been featured as loading screens on the MMORPG Ragnarok Online, on the cover of Playstation Magazine Italy and LO-FI magazine, and on cellphone wallpaper download websites.

Rose is the creator of a whole slew of original characters (most of which are furry), including a purple-to-pink haired echidna named "Shifuu", a rock-playing red panda "Sharmila", "Visha" the tiger, and many others.

Since the appearance of her artwork online, her style evolved from its original "Sonic the Hedgehog-esque" form. Features of her recent art include detailed coloring in both computer graphics and traditional media, and smooth, thick inking - in particular, characters in her anthro artwork often appear to have emphasized, thick limbs.


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