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Steve Alford (also known as Rorschfox, formerly knowas Smalford74 or Smalfox74) is a male furry artist from Devon, England. Although most of his work consists of drawing he is also a writer, songwriter and motorcycle enthusiast.[1]

The first Furry convention he attended was Further Confusion 2002 as an attendee and ConFuzzled 2008 as a seller. He was also present as a seller at Eurofurence 14.



Steve Alford's main activity in the Furry fandom is the art of drawing. He mostly draws nude or semi-nude females of a wide variety of species. His colouration is done by himself, mostly by using colour pencils or Copic markers.

Besides full-size pictures he also creates mini-prints, bookmarks and art CDs with his art. His art, originals as well as prints, is usually sold at conventions as well as online at auction websites like FurBid and FurBuy.


Steve Alford has also written several stories and published his first novel Vulpine Equinox in 2008. Besides his novel he has also written and published an own Pen & Paper role-playing game system named MOTARUS.

Vulpine Equinox[edit]

Vulpine Equinox - The legend of the morichem fox is the first novel written by Steve Alford. It features the story of a fox called Equinox that "sets out on a mission of revenge against the humans who destroyed his life"[2], using his intelligence and human technology along with his own unique abilities to escape his enemies, trying to capture him again.


MOTARUS (short for Multi-purpose Omni-Temporal Anthropomorphic Role-playing Utility System) is a Pen & Paper role-playing system.

MOTARUS doesn't feature it's own setting or story and includes no pre-written world, events or history. Instead it can freely be utilised to start role-playing adventures in any time, location and theme. The system features character creation out of over 90 different species along with fitting skills, magic and rule adjustments to any given time or place the adventure is intended to be played in. The core, and thus far only published, rule book also contains lists of vehicles and weapons for different eras of playing.


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