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Room For One More is a webcomic created by Brittany Greatbear, also known as Fnaire Antbear; scripted and penciled by Oren Otter; and inked, finished and maintained by Eala Dubh. The comic is the flagship Ottercomics title.

The main cast[edit]

Room For One More stars Fnaire Antbear, an Anteater who was born in South America, raised in South Africa, and who now lives in Critter County Colorado, where she attends college and works as a cartoonist. Fnaire rents a room in a mansion owned by Frye Opossum, a multi-billionaire who works as a baby-sitter for the love of the job. Also renting there is Aroma Skunk, an interior decorator who also attends college.

Supporting cast[edit]

Besides the three girls, three young men help to carry the stories. They are Terry the aardvark, a clothing designer with a flair for the ridiculous, Adonis, a lion cursed with limitless physical beauty, and Charles, a cynical raccoon who works as Frye's computer programmer.

Other characters include a large staff of dinosaurs; Aurora and Boyle, a couple living in a treehouse in the front yard; Glorb and Krupp, the closet monsters; and Charity O'Porpoise, a dolphin who once robbed Frye Blind and now manages her charities.

The setting[edit]

Frye's mansion, located at 86711 Prospect Boulevard (in what we would know as Fort Collins, Colorado), is such an enormous dwelling, left to Frye by an opossum who was known even during his lifetime as "crazy uncle ned", that there is no telling what one will find within its walls. Discoveries so far include a tropical forest, a shopping mall, a mad scientists' laboratory, an MC Escher room and an interdimensional portal to a world which looks strangely like Xanth.

The world[edit]

Oren Otter has stated that Room For One More, Otter Island, Journey to the Bottom of the Multiverse, Fuzzy Doom, Castle Horsetooth, Magimals, Yoyomon, Dark Age Ranger, The Fluffles, Quest of the Therian Urn, The Fuzzies, Bonzaiyaki, the 7 Joyful Automatons and Orwell's Gas Station are all part of the same multiverse.

In the Room For One More world, all mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles are anthropomorphic and intelligent (with a few notable exceptions, such as Fnaire's autistic brother, Fnox). However, there isn't true equality between humans and nonhumans. Critter County Community College is one of the few schools in the world to have an integrated student body with humans and nonhumans equally represented. In other parts of the world, nonhumans are still treated as things, as evidenced by the story of Fnaire's mother, who after being hauled to jail for failing to give up her bus seat to a human, had to be purchased by her husband to get out.

In this world, fur is considered an acceptable covering in place of clothing. This is largely thanks to the unexplained tendency of nonhumans to revert to a G-rated state when certain body parts are not in use. Fortunately, this works for all nonhumans, including the ones without fur.

Because prejudice still abounds in the RFOM world, marriages between two different nonhuman species are accepted, but marriages between humans and nonhumans generally are not. Nevertheless, a number of human hybrids do exist, and are sure to play a big part in upcoming stories.

Related comics[edit]

Room for One More has inspired a number of spinoffs, including The Fluffles, "Webcomic U." and Castle Horsetooth.

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