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Donkey (born May 1970) is a fursuiter and from California often seen at conventions.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Donkey is a lifestyler within the fandom. He does not like his legal name known within the fandom, using his fursona name in his everyday life as well. He has been known to get quite upset when addressed by his legal name.

Fursona and fursuits[edit]

Donkey's fursona came into being in the very late 80s to very early 90s. His start came with the making of his first basic fursuit as a Halloween costume, a beaded full length Indian maiden's gown with a horse's rubber nose, plastic ears, and a rope as a tail, and a wooden sword in a rope belt. This first fursuit was a warhorse created by Donkey. At the time, he referred to fursuits as "animal costumes," having not found the furry fandom yet.

A couple of years later he ended up with a job that would let him wear fursuits on Halloween. He started to make a new basic animal costume for each Halloween, but did not know how to make a mascot head, only learning how 15 years after starting to make his basic fursuits/costumes. His first heads were hoods with rubber animal noses. A couple of years later, Donkey started to wear a rabbit fursuit during Easter at work and a reindeer fursuit during Christmas eve at work also. As a result, he eventually found the furry fandom.


He has thirteen self-made fursuits: Donkey the donkey, Roo the red kangaroo, G.S. Stallion the zebra, B.S. Bull a Holstein cattle, Rotty the Rottweiler dog, Mule the muledeer, Lambert the longhorn ram, Cadmus Donkey's late lovers minotaur, Billy Boy a long haired white billy goat, Yin a black unicorn with a white circle around the base of his horn and Yang a white unicorn with a black circle around the base of his horn, Butterscotch Jr. a palomino horse made to look like Donkey's late beloved real horse Butterscotch, and Guten Essen Bison.

Donkey has been collecting donkey plushies for some years and despite how common real donkeys are, donkey plushies are quite hard to come by. His donkey collection has grown to include a couple of dozen individual plushies. Though Donkey likes the characters Donkey from Shrek and Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh, he avoids the plushies of those characters and collects generic donkey plushies.


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