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Ronin Catholic is a troll from the United States of America. He likes to pretend to be a furry; there are several obvious signs that he's among you:


Several variants; Ronin Catholic, Rurouni Catholic; Ronin Wildfire; Geschenk Strafe(FurryPlay); Kenneth Latrans(GURPS Forums). The last two being named for characters in a game he made.


Normally a pink fox, but might be anything pink(pink bat, pink tanuki, pink wolf, pink coyote) or a basic canine displayed in another color. Alternates between "So bright and sharp it hurts" and "coloration typical of the animal in question" without warning. Overwhelmingly, boringly canine.

Opinions on Homosexuality[edit]

To put it gently, he is very strongly opposed to it. While few furries are heterosexual, he is committedly so on moral grounds. This was the most obvious tipoff, to himself and others, that he wasn't meant for the Furry Fandom.


Furmorrah was a forum run by Ronin Catholic. When it existed (created and then deleted during 2008) it encouraged discussion about Furry, Japan/Anime, Nintendo, Christianity, piracy, the OHRRPGCE and was open to spamming, flaming, and general stupidity. The only thing Furmorrah didn't want was sodomy. Furmorrah was a strictly straight forum.

It was open to artistic nudity, and very liberal in what might be allowed. Anything that the administrator deems "over the edge" would be deleted.

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