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Ronin-Kin is a furry who resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., where he was born. His fursona is a dark gray wolf.


Ronin was born in 1992, since early childhood he had a certain affinity towards animals, he found the fandom around July 2004, though didn't join until 2007.


In October of 2007, Ronin was in a car crash, he was very unlucky to have not gotten killed,a few more seconds and he would of. A few weeks later he slipped and shattered his right ankle, it twisted under him and down he went; He has trouble walking at times because of the pain to this day. He had 1 plate and 11 pins put in.


As of August, 2011, Ronin-Kin is enrolled in Art School, and of September, 2011, he is in a relationship with SonicBlu.


Ronin is a dark gray wolf, with a white/bright gray stomach, he stands about 5'9-11, and sometimes wears his hair in a ponytail, and usually is wearing glasses.

Ronin has attended Anthrocon 2009.

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