Roland Charlemagne

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Roland Charlemagne is a male badger character created by Ironbadger, who is his avatar and appears in the Trouble's Tales story series, towards the end. who appears in the cast of Trouble's Tales.

Roland is a former space marine specializing in powered armor and mecha combat.

His appearance occurs towards the end of the series, and his help in instrumental in saving the main characters from a few mishaps in the course of the stories. He is not treated as a major character, but does affect the series and has a single episode written about a side trip he makes to a powered armor tournament.

He eventually comes into the possession of a female badger sex slave, Cindy, who he wins as a side bet in the final round of the tournament they were both entered in as contestants.

Roland is a eurasian badger, while Cindy is a north american badger.

While Iron Badger has drawn Cindy, he has yet to draw any images of Roland himself as of June of 2007.