Rod O'Riley

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Rod O'Riley
O'Riley at Califur 3, 2006
Other names Rodney Stansfield; Vinson Mink
Born 17 December 1964
Profession or hobby Fandom organizer, musician, activist
Character species Mink

Rod O'Riley (aka. Rodney Stansfield or Vinson Mink; born 17 December 1964[1]) co-founded ConFurence, and runs programming for Califur. He is often identified as one of the founding members of organized furry fandom, along with his long time mate, Mark Merlino. Rodney is the editor and chief writer of In-Fur-Nation, a furry news-zine, and a member of the Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association.

Rod also hosted the Furry Fandom Lounge at Worldcon in 1996 and 2006, and at the NASFIC (held when Worldcon is held outside of North America) in 1999.

In 2022 he was co-winner of the Good Furry Award Lifetime Achievement trophy along with his partner, Mark Merlino.

Rodney's personal totem animal and spirit guide is the mink. Rodney likens the mink spirit to "an otter with attitude". A vegan who does not wear leather (even on his guitar straps), Rodney has been active in environmental, animal rights, vegetarian, and non-violence issues for many years. He is also a Libertarian Party activist.

Rodney has diverse interests in music, leading to constant musical projects in which he enlists a roster of musicians, both in and out of the furry fandom. He is the bassist and singer in the bands Illegal Operation and Dr. Zayus, a writer of both filk and pop/rock songs, and a guitar salesperson.


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