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Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2017 would have been the eleventh iteration of the Rocky Mountain Fur Con. It was originally scheduled for the weekend of August 11-13, 2017,[1] at the Denver Tech Center Marriott in Denver, Colorado,[1] but was cancelled on April 10, 2017.[2] The theme would have been "Carnival Nocturne".[1]


Following allegations made by Deo TasDevil on Twitter about associations between the Furry Raiders and the Rocky Mountain Fur con, Deo was sent a cease and desist letter by Kahuki Lairu,[3] the founder and CEO of MAAC & RMFC, with the blessing of the board,[4] claiming to be a "contract law officer" (Chief Executive Officer and Creator of RMFC Contracts) and threatening to file for liens on her property and wages if she did not comply with the C&D.[5] The letter's legal standing was brought into question by Boozy Barrister, a lawyer and writer for the blog "Lawyers and Liquor".[5] On Monday, April 10, 2017, this received widespread attention in a Dogpatch Press article, which also referenced past controversy about Kahuki's conviction of sexual contact of a minor.[6][7]

On the same day, RMFC staff announced that Rocky Mountain Fur Con was cancelled, citing "...a sudden and drastic increase in security costs amounting to more than a third of our entire existing operating budget" related to "very public threats of violence against one another by members of this community, as well as the negative backlash from misinformation spread about the convention, its staff and attendees."[8], which according to Kahuki referred to Deo's allegations regarding the Furry Raiders, and tweets about "punching nazis", but not a gun threat Deo had received.[4]

According to Scorch, the additional security cost referred to demands by the Convention's venue, the Marriott Denver Tech Center, to contract the Denver Police Department for additional security, which would have amounted to $22,000, for daytime security and potentially double this to include evening security due to the hotel's concerns following the aforementioned threats of violence.[9]

An investigation by Flayrah revealed significant tax discrepancies, referenced in passing in the convention's statement.[10] The convention stated it will use its resources to pay off costs and tax liability, with any remaining funds being used to refund attendance and vending fees.[8]

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  • Arvada Tails, who in 2017 held Arvada Tails Dark Carnival Day in the Park, a "mini-con" intended as a tribute to RMFC.


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