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Rockin' Kats (known in Japan as NY Nyankies) is a side scrolling platform game published by Atlus for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991. The game stars a cartoon cat on a quest to rescue his girlfriend from the crime boss Mugsy.


Willy is a Jazz cat known as the Rockin' Kat, while he was performing a solo, the local crime boss, a dog called Mugsy stole a glance at Jill (Willy's girlfriend) and had to have her. He sent his thugs to kidnap her. Willy has taken it upon himself to rescue her.


The player controls Willy through several stages (in the form of television channels). Willy is armed with his Super Punch Gun, with which he is able to bash his way through enemies, catch falling objects to launch at his enemies, swing to higher platforms (similar to Bionic Commando), and jump higher (by jumping and firing the gun downwards). In addition, Willy is able to get upgrades for the Super Punch Gun to give it additional abilities and to make it stronger.

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