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The Rocket City Community is a PG furry community in Linden Lab's Second Life virtual world.

Rocket City has a large community center for hanging out and relaxing in, in addition to a beautiful island to relax and have fun. It is also home to a very large Dealer's Den that specializes in selling furry avatars exclusively. Rocket City prides itself in being very welcome to anyone that enters, furry or otherwise.

The Rocket City Community is lead by Bunny Halberd, Koterie Itoku, Illya Leonov, Alexndeer Katz, Crim Mip, Chance Furlong and Kerry Giha.


For more than three years the Rocket City Community was a Second Life representation of the furry convention Rocket City FurMeet, and even included a in-world recreation of RCFM's hotels -- both the Raddison and later the Embassy Suites. In late 2009 the sim changed its name from "Rocket City FurMeet" to just "Rocket City" and refocused itself on its community, rather than RCFM only. Rocket City and RCFM are still very friendly to each other, however, being independent has allowed Rocket City the freedom to promote other events in the furry fandom throughout the year.

Weekly events[edit]

Furs Gather at Rocket City for a weekly dance

Once a week, typically on Saturday evening, Rocket City tries to have a weekly event for community members to attend. These events are normally themed dances, but have been games, quests and contests. Each event is typically planned to last one to two hours, but are generally allowed to end naturally on their own when the time is right.

Often events are planned "Release Parties" to celebrate a vendor from the Dealer's Den finishing a new avatar and releasing it into the public for the first time.

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