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Original T-shirt art by Carrie Hester

Rochndil, also sometimes called "Roch," is a non-anthro, or quadruped unicorn often found on FurryMUCK. His other main character, Marian the Vampire Cow, can be found on Tapestries.

Rochndil writes a variety of adult-themed furry fiction, ranging from the mildly-smutty to the truly outrageous. (Marian was born in one of the latter stories.) Most of his work shares themes of pregnancy, unbirthing, lactation, nursing/breastfeeding, and vore. Following his biases, most of his characters tend to be of herbivorous species, such as bovines, equines, unicorns, and the like.

Some of his unfinished works have been in that state for years. His longest work to date, Journeying Within, is around 18 thousand words, and as of September 2006 is still unfinished.

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