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Roccie (pronounced "Roh-si", also known as Cherry Paranoia) is a furry artist who draws with a Disney/animé style. Her fursona is a partially albino female ocelot. She was previously mated to Akume, but they have parted ways.

She hangs out in Furnet's IRC room #teenagefurs and #affection on a daily basis, only absent when drawing commissions for her fellow furs (or playing various video games).


In 2004, her brother Samus the Fox was in the fandom, as a "Desert Fox"[1]. He influenced her into the fandom with various clean Furry Artwork, where she took on her fursona as a coyote. Feeling odd that her brother was a fox and she was a coyote, she changed it quickly to a Coyote/Fox mix.

In 2007, after doing a school essay on the Arctic, she grew attached to Arctic Foxes, changing her fursona to Jalena the Arctic Fox.

In 2008, she decided to finalize her fursona as an ocelot, due to it being in her heritage (in the human world, she's a Native American, her tribe being from the same area Ocelots are from), and that she'd always felt attached to felines.

In late 2009 she changed her fursona to a white pomeranian. It is still that currently.


  1. Samus The Fox's Sheezyart

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