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Robin Pronovost, also known as artyewok, is a trans-masculine, non-binary[1] cartoonist, illustrator and designer from Canada.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

A Star Wars' Amaran trader

Robin has attended furry conventions such as Anthrocon and C-ACE, along with general comic book ones. They were a guest of honour for Wild Prairie Fur Con 2018.


Robin has a menagerie of fursonas, including a fox (formerly Amara, now Alex), and a robin.


Robin's website, Flying Armadillo Productions, is their online portfolio, with animal characters, Star Wars fan art, and other media. They are also the creator of the webcomic Depresion Lies, hosted on Tapas.

Star Wars[edit]

Robin designed the Amarans, a vulpine species that became part of the Star Wars canon.


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