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Tryst (real name Robert Barnes; born October 23rd, 1986, in Swansea, Wales) is a furry and creator of fursuit items.

In 2009 Tryst graduated from the University of Surrey, in Guildford, England as a Master of Engineering in electronic and satellite engineering. It was during his many years at university that he discovered furry. He now works as an electronic engineer for a prestigious research agency in the UK.

Tryst's fursona takes the form of an anthropomorphic domestic cat, roughly six feet tall and darkly coloured. His markings are plain, although it is obvious that this feline has seen a lot of outdoor life; his fur is scruffy and he has a nick out of one ear. Despite his rough exterior, his eyes are clear, green and seem a great deal older than the rest of him.

Names and Aliases[edit]

The name Tryst, although frequently eluded to refer to the old English for a clandestine amorous meeting, is in fact merely short for Trystan Fel Cath - a self-fashioned Welsh name, the latter part of which means literally 'cat like'.

In addition to this, he regularly uses the alias Barnzi, which is a corruption of his real life surname.

Tryst can occasionally be found on the 14MHz amateur radio band and the British Citizen's Band under the call signs M3XUG and 2F4LJ respectively.

Meet Attendance and Conventions[edit]

Although he had been known to attend furmeets in Cardiff and Bristol when he used to live in Wales, Tryst can be most frequently found attending the London Furs meets. He is normally located somewhere between an empty pint glass and the bar.

For a brief period, he tried to offer his services as a group liaison and handed out many business cards. However, this became unmanageable due to the rapidly increasing size of the group. He still, however, remains a good group contact that has a fair chance of being on speaking terms with everyone.

Tryst has been involved with RBW since its second year in 2007. In the beginning his involvement was limited to technical provisions such as sound, light and staging. However, his responsibilities have grown considerably over the years. With the departure of Foxberance from the team in early 2009, Tryst took on the majority of the convention's administrative work including financial planning, project management and running the back-end limited company, ARF.

When not staffing RBW, Tryst enjoys attending Confuzzled in Manchester and Eurofurence in Germany. He hopes to go to his first North American convention next year, despite not being able to drive there.

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