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River is a 2006 urban fantasy novel by Skyla Dawn Cameron. It is the author's debut novel.

Plot summary[edit]

The story resolves around the wolf River, who is the alpha female of a wolf pack. One night she is attacked and bitten by a human. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a human body. Three years pass without her knowing who bit her. Then one day, while being in highschool, she sees the attacker. Though he has all the answers she's looking for, he keeps his mouth shut. While trying to deal with this situation, she also has to deal with another: highschool.


  • River Wolfe
  • Charlie
  • Daryl Marsden
  • Jen Morris
  • Frank and Cindy Jenkins
  • Brenden Vanderbelt
  • Lindsay Sinclair
  • Gray Marsden
  • Jewel

Eppie Award Winner 2007[edit]

River has won the best Fantasy novel Eppie Award tieing with Dragon's Gold by Piers Anthony and Robert E. Margoff

River's cover art by Trace Edward Zaber also won the Quasar Award

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