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Rio at Christmas, drawn by Louis LeClerc

Rio Grande is a giant vixen character, played on FurryMUCK. She is fifty feet tall, and is often found in The Giants' Club.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Rio Grande is the daughter of intrepid professional photographer Max Grande, a red fox from New Mexico, and his wife, a macro arctic fox. Rio inherited her father's coloring and her mother's size. Her dad was a big Duran Duran fan, and thus named her Rio. She grew up among normal-sized furs and even attended college, majoring in dance.

Since leaving college, she has tried to get a job dancing, but it's hard to find such jobs when you're 50 feet tall. She almost had a regular gig doing half-time shows, but then-current public controversies about "wardrobe malfunctions" scuttled that job. She tried acting, even starring in a macrophile film, "Attack of the Fifty Foot Vixen," but being an actress wasn't really for her. She's presently looking for a job.

Joya Grande[edit]

After an amorous encounter with Jewel, Rio found herself the mother of a half-fox, half-cat daughter, Joya, who soon grew up to be 50 feet tall and approximately 17 in physical age. A rebellious girl, Joya is currently living with Rio's parents.

Rio with her parasol, in an early picture by Louis LeClerc.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Rio is a great dancer and knows a lot about music. She has no other known supernatural powers, nor any nifty gadgets or artifacts. She's a little less than fluent in Spanish, and doesn't speak her mother's Inuit language. She can, however, converse in Foxish.

Oh! And she's 50 feet tall.


Rio is played by the same person as Lynn Onyx.