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Ringo Raccoon, or Michael Raccoon, is a fursuiter from Crown Point, Indiana.

As his name suggests, Ringo has a fondness for raccoons, and has constructed fursuits for at least three raccoon characters: K.C. Raccoon, Rocky Raccoon and Tippecanoe. While K.C. and Rocky were toony in appearance, Tippecanoe (his most recent creation) was built with a realistic look.

Ringo has attended conventions (including Midwest Furfest 2005) with his fursuits, but also performed at various paid and charity events. He plays on FurryMUCK as "Ringo", and collects raccoon plush toys; he owns just over 150 as of the last count.

Outside furry fandom, Ringo is a Case Management Social Worker, and attends Graduate School at Indiana University. He has an interest in auto racing and, alongside his plush raccoons, collects diecast cars.

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