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Rimba Racer

Rimba Racer is a Malaysian 3D animation published by Glue Studios, revolves around the experiences of Tag, a street smart racing prodigy who is invited to participate in the world's most prestigious racing competition: The Rimba Grand Prix. As a newcomer to the competition, he's determined to make a name for himself by clinching the title.

We follow Tag's rise to fame as he learns new skills and overcomes his personal weaknesses. Off the track, we get to join in on Tag's adventures as he gains new allies and clashes with the other racers who view him as a threat in their own quest for glory.

Rimba Racer was first screened in 2015 with 22 minutes per episode, the series has enjoyed repeated showings by TV3 and currently on air every 5pm on Saturday.



  • Tag the Tiger - Tag is a newcomer to the Rimba Grand Prix, an event he's been dreaming to take part in since he was young. He possesses a natural talent for racing and is quick to adapt to new challenges.
  • Axle the Eagle - Nicknamed ‘The Ace' for his unmatchable racing skill, Axle is a veteran of the sport and reigning champion of the Rimba Grand Prix. Supremely confident of his own abilities, he shows little to no interest in the other racers and is ruthlessly efficient on the race track.
  • Sonny the Bear - Sonny is a jovial racer with a love for racing, snacks and video games. Due to his optimistic and easy-going nature, he is quick to diffuse tension and provides the voice of reason even in heated situations.
  • Meika the Fox - Meika is usually known for her sweet and sunny disposition off the track, and is quick to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. However, her competitive spirit and tendency to face any challenges head on will make anyone think twice about pushing her over.
  • Meelo the Chameleon - The most tech-savvy racer in the circuit, Meelo has a fascination with technology and he’s got the brains to sustain that obsession.
  • Tamira the Panther - A fierce and tenacious female competitor in a male-dominated sport, it is no wonder that Tamira has earned her reputation as the fearless loner. Tag appears to be smitten with her, although she doesn't seem to reciprocate.
  • Krom (Chrome) the Crocodile - Krom is an aggressive racer who shows more interest in knocking his competitiors off the track rather than crossing the finish line. Prone to bullying, taunting and getting into fights, he definitely takes pleasure in creating chaos and confusion wherever he goes.
  • Wrecks the Rhinoceros - A dangerous combination of brute force and awesome skill, Wrecks is an immensely intimidating racer. Brooding, ill-tempered, and quick to harbor contempt, Wrecks is not the kind who will back down from a fight; he has always fought hard to achieve his goals and he plans on keeping it that way. But has shown to have more heart, maybe even a bit more brains, than Krom at times.
  • Cuckoo the Rooster - Nobody is quite certain how this nervous, twitchy racer made the cut into this year’s Rimba Grand Prix line-up. Wide-eyed and easily startled, Cuckoo looks every bit like the person who has accidently stumbled into something way over his head.
  • Ooaa the Monkey - Extremely volatile and prone to noisy outbursts, it is hard to tell what Ooaa is thinking most of the time. With mood swings that can change at the drop of a hat, not much is known about this reclusive racer.
  • Pike the Wolf - Charming but deviously intelligent, Pike has ruthless intentions for Tag and his team. He also appears to be in a mysterious alliance with the likes of King, Axle, and Krom.
  • Vyxx the Hyena - Working with Pike and Xeno, Vyxx is very brash, tough, and more ruthless than Pike, going so far as to enjoy taking out any opponent (particularly Tamira) during a race.
  • Xeno the Toad - Working alongside Pike and Vyxx, Xeno is a veteran among the trio. He's just as tech-savvy like Meelo, but with more diabolical intentions.


  • Miles the Owl - An experienced mechanic and a veteran of the racing world, Miles has been a longtime friend to Tag's family. He serves as Tag's chief mechanic and race advisor, drawing upon all his years of knowledge and experience to aid Tag.
  • Mr. King the Hippopotamus - Seemingly in possession of unlimited riches, Mr. King is the wealthy and refined benefactor of the Rimba Grand Prix. His charisma, generosity and booming voice have made him popular among the public eye and he is well known for his welcoming nature towards newcomers to the game.
  • Torres the Bunny - As Mr. King's personal assistant, Torres effectively coordinates all of King's business matters. Cool, competent and extremely dedicated to her job, she performs all of her tasks without question.
  • Becks the Goat - A long-time commentator of the Rimba Grand Prix, Becks has become the voice that many fans associate with the sport of racing. Famous for his enthusiastic and excitable delivery, Becks is a trusted source of information to his audience.
  • Beaks the Parrot - As a veteran commentator on RGP update, Beaks is Becks' long-time partner and collaborator. Possessing intimate knowledge regarding everything about the race, Beaks provides valuable racing insight to the viewers and complements Becks' personality with his off-kilt eccentric style.
  • Ms. Dira the Deer - An excitable, enthusiastic young reporter, Miss Dira has built quite a reputation for herself as the on-the-scene correspondent for the Rimba Grand Prix. With her friendly attitude, articulate reporting style, keen interviewing skills and go-for-it attitude, she is a household name on the Rimba News Network sports channel.

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