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Riley Westwolf (born July 30, 1986), is a furry fan from Waukegan, Illinois, USA.

Riley is a wolf-dragon hybrid in species. Wolf-dragons are more commonly seen as a draconic looking creature, smaller in size, usually completely covered in fur in place of where scales should be, often lacking wings, and often seen with either canine ears or horns. Another variation of a wolgan is a wolf with draconic wings and horns, sometimes half scales, sometimes not.

Riley lives with his mate, Lil' Blue, whom he has been with since 2005, seeking new work and new residence away from Waukegan.

Riley came across the furry fandom by accident in 1999, when he stumbled on to a web page that is no longer in existence. He continued to follow the furry fandom, unannounced and unknown for 3 years until one day, stumbling on to LiveJournal, where he found a few furs, and for the first time actually made contact with another member of the fandom and continued on from there. In early 2004, Riley took a step further and started to commission artists for pictures of a character he had in the back of his mind since early childhood. Some of his first commissions were done by BlackTeagan in early 2004. Riley continued to collect art work from furry artists and anyone that he knew could draw.

In late 2005, Rex King, another character of his, was finally put down on to paper. Rex King is Riley's alter-ego character, which is a furred dragon, grey and white and color, with golden head-fur, green eyes, and draconic in build.

In 2007, Riley came up with a third fursona, a hyena character named Hitch Hyena.

Riley is an active member of the Lake Area Furry Friends and was also the chairman of the 2006 LAFF NYE Party, in Gurnee, Illinois, as well as one of the co-chairs of the 2007 party.

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