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Rikter with the 2001 MLS Cup trophy

Rikter the Cyberdog was a husky mascot of the San Jose Earthquakes for 2000-2002.[1] Rikter was designed by Terry Smith Creations of Sunnyvale California and built by Custom Characters of Glendale California. While originally designed with cyber armor, Rikter wore a soccer uniform during the latter half of the 2001 season, including the 2001 MLS Championship. Before his retirement in early 2002, Rikter made over 200 appearances in the San Francisco Bay area.


About Rikter[edit]

  • Species: Cyber-ian Husky Puppy
  • Likes: San Jose Earthquakes, Soccer, meeting new friends, wagging his tail, chasing the Crew Cat
  • Favorite movies: Balto, Beethoven, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Lady & the Tramp
  • Favorite songs: We Will Rock You, Shake It Up, Shake Your Booty, All Shook Up
  • Favorite dood: "Dribbles & Kicks" Puppy Food, Hot Dogs
  • Favorite drink: Doggie bowl water

Rikter's story[edit]

There was once a stray Siberian husky puppy, who lived at a Silicon Valley soccer field, and the kids who played there would take care of him. None of their parents would let them adopt a stray, so the puppy slept in the goal, and the kids would bring him food, and he would play soccer with them. He got to be pretty good, even though he was still a puppy. One night during an earthquake, some machinery at a virtual reality research center next door accidentally opened up a portal on the field. The puppy was curious and went inside. He was transported to cyberspace and reborn as Rikter the Cyberdog!


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