The Rig

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The Rig

Author(s) Dwolv
Update schedule  ????
Launch date 2008
End Date canceled
Genre Crime Thriller
Censor NC17 button.png

The Rig is an 2008 anthropomorphic webcomic series written and illustrated by Dwolv.

A strategic thriller, The Rig introduces several characters and maintains a twisted plotline similar to the television series Prison Break and the movie Lucky Number Slevin. The story is rated NC17 for mild language and graphic violence.


The first pages of the story develop a quick, elaborate history (similar to the movie Smokin' Aces) of a case surrounding weapon smuggling by the Mafia, and a terrorist organization trying to gain leverage on the Mob.

Federal Agent Hiraku is sent by the Mafia and a backstabbing terrorist to retrieve a suitcase of evidence (which he is hired to escort to the FBI) out of "The Rig Hotel" complex.


  • Hiraku - A Federal Agent who was bribed and conned into doing the job. He is "questionably" the protagonist of the story.
  • Noku - A strong Australian-accented friend of Hiraku.
  • Dirk - A friend of Hiraku also working for the operation.
  • Isaiah - A terrorist/extortionist who has designed a plan to rub out Hiraku and blackmail the Mafia.
  • Cameron - A undercover reporter who eavesdrops his way into the complex tale.