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Andrew Rabbitt is a co-owner of Rabbit Valley Comics with his loving husband Sean Rabbitt. He took the name Rabbitt when he was wed to Sean in July of 2004 — as a sign of his undying love, not as some "weird furry dream-come-true." His character is an Arctic Fox.

Andrew (who prefers to be called Fox by his friends; Andy by his family; and either Mr. Rabbitt, Andrew, or "hey you" by his co-workers) has been involved in the furry fandom for many years. He has been assisting Sean with picking, packing and shipping at Rabbit Valley since the turn of the century.

Currently his day job (the one that pays for the car, gas, insurance, food, clothes, etc…) is in marketing from home, where furry artwork litters his office walls. In a perfect world he would be doing the furry thing full time. Outside of the fandom the fox enjoys cooking, surfing the web, and doing the various projects that come with home ownership.

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