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Rifftrax is a website created by Mike Nelson of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame. A "riff" is a comedic commentary for a film where comedians make fun of the film as it plays, similar to MST3K. Many other references to the furry fandom were made by the cast of Rifftrax during the course of MST3k, but the jokes about it tended to be much more vague. The following is a collection of moments in Rifftrax where jokes and references about the furry fandom were made.

The Star Wars Holiday Special[edit]

During The Star Wars Holiday Special, Bill Corbett refers to the fandom:

"Terrifying thought, but I'm charging ahead with it anyway. If you're a furry, and you're watching this, are you turned on?"


During the horror film Saw, in the scene where Doctor Gordon is attacked by the "pig", the fandom is referenced by Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbettt:

"The shame of being mugged by a furry... well that explains all the fake fur in my pants. It forced me into a raccoon costume, humped me for thirty minutes, and then invited me to Anthrocon."

Batman & Robin[edit]

During the film Batman & Robin, in response to Poison Ivy's line "I'll rid myself of the furred and feathered pests":

"She's gonna bomb Anthrocon?"

Reefer Madness[edit]

In response to the line "In 1930, the records on marihuana in the Washington office, narcotics division, scarcely filled a small folder like this. Today, they fill cabinets", Corbett makes the following remark:

"Not as big as this cabinet full of my furry slashfic, but you get the idea."

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