Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb

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Rif, hero of Inherit the Earth

Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb was an adventure game, originally released in 1994, similar in style to Lucasarts games. It featured a 100% furry cast, as well as graphics from Reed Waller of Omaha the Cat Dancer. It was originally developed by The Dreamer's Guild for Mac OS 6, Amiga and DOS, with a 2004 re-release for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is currently being distributed as a multi-platform CD by Wyrmkeep Entertainment. A Pocket PC version was released in 2007, and an iPhone version in 2009.


The game starts with a history of why the "Morphs", anthropomorphic characters, currently populate the world. It was said that the humans taught the animals how to stand on their hind legs and speak their languages amongst other things. Then for some reason, the humans disappeared with no reason left as to why. Perhaps they knew something they didn't want the animals to know...

We then join the hero of the game, Rif, a red fox, whilst he is in a competition at a faire. Suddenly, the news is broken that the Orb of Storms, a device which told the morphs about inpending weather, had been stolen. Accusations are thrown to potential suspects until finally, the blame is placed on the innocent Rif. Simply down to the fact that the Fox tribe were known for their cunning and could easily have stolen it.

Rif is now forced to return the Orb and to make sure that he did, the Boar King (another tribe), took his mate Rhene, a red vixen, hostage and Sergeant Okk of the boar tribe and Lieutenant Eeah of the Elk tribe were sent along to help Rif on his quest...

In the game, you must guide Rif the Fox in a quest to find the Orb of Storms, which has been stolen. The world is populated by Morphs, anthropomorphic characters which are said to have been given intelligence by humans in the distant past.

Game credits[edit]

Note: These are credits for the original version. For credits of the Wyrmkeep Entertainment version and photographs (including many of the people below), see their page.


  • A magic hat can be obtained close to the start of the game which allows the user to transport to any scene and contains all key objects.[1]
  • Inherit the Earth was intended to be a trilogy, but the series was cut short by creative disagreements between developer and publisher.[2]

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