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Richard Thatcher, full Richard F. Thatcher, also known as Tree Rat and RoadRodent (died January 8, 2020), was a furry writer and Milfur who served in the U.S. Air Force.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Richard got started in the furry fandom when a First Lieutenant at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, USA, whereas he was introduced to Steve Gallacci's Albedo. In 1994 he attended Confurence 5 just to see what fandom was about.

Over the next twenty-plus years, he continued attending furry cons around the nation, where he manned the Shanda Fantasy Arts table at some. He was a guest of honor at Morphicon 2005.

Convention attendance[edit]

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Thatcher was the creator of the comic, Tales of the Morphing Period. He was also a raconteur, and a frequent contributor to Katmandu. He was one of the main staffers of Shanda Fantasy Arts, and also contributed to Rare Breed and other projects.


Richard passed on January 8, 2020, due to complications from pancreatic cancer.[1]

He was cremated according to his wishes on January 17, 2020. One-third of his ashes was posted at the Grant Memorial Park in Marion, Indiana, his home state. The next third was distributed to Mike Curtis, along with his veteran's flag, as the place where he spent so much time with beloved friends. The last was distributed in Texas, where he had been planning on moving by Steve Carter, his friend and executor.[2]


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