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Richard Katellis, also known as Kat Ellis (born October 5, 1970), is a classic illustrator and furry artist from Eugene, Oregon, USA.


Richard Katellis is the fiancé of fellow artist and aspiring writer, Shirlee Chessler-Wakefield. Katellis is very open about his sexuality and carnal experiences, which he isn't afraid to showcase artistically on the web.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Through the Web he has come into contact with other furry artists and writers who share his interest for sexual openness, such as Albert Temple, writer of the webcomic Gene Catlow, and Albert's girlfriend, Tawana Gilroy. They often make guest appearances on his webcomic.


They both make frequent, recurrent appearances on Katellis' Webcomic Kit n Kay Boodle, represented as a cat for him and a mouse for Shirlee.

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