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Richard Hanes aka Trick the Fox passed away on February 4, 2019 at the age of 33 due to a heart attack. He is the author of Foxhunt! a furry sci-fi novel available on Amazon and Rabbit Valley.


Captain Sebastian Valentino is a veteran of interstellar war, a successful mercenary who had it all, until a botched infiltration mission leaves his first officer - and best friend - dead. He begins to unravel, mishandling the sacred funeral rites and berating his new first officer in front of his crew. Matters grow worse when Sebastian's favored target, the powerful Canis Dominion, places an unprecedented bounty on his head. With Sebastian struggling to survive as an international pariah, and an old enemy with a vendetta hot in pursuit, the Foxhunt! is on. Foxhunt! is the first novel set in the Wildstar Universe, where genetically-engineered human-like animals vie for supremacy with futuristic weapons and savage instinct. Jump into the wild!