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Ricardo Canheta is a comic artist from Brazil who started the Balls of Furr comic strip 17 years ago. He has worked for many art studios in his country, even for Disney itself.

His other creation is the saga of No One's Land, as well as and dozens of illustrations in color and in black and white.

Ricardo can be found in many forums and groups on the Internet, such as Yahoo!, Fur Affinity and deviantART. Two zines are responsible for printing his pages: Fur Visions and NAF.

Moon Bunnies[edit]

The Moon Bunnies

Moon Bunnies is a comic by Ricardo Canheta.

The Moon Bunnies are a gang of four cute bunnies named Layne, Luna, Mekana and Debrah. Their task is to search the universe for a new place for the bunny kind to live in peace since their principals predators are on the loose bigger and hunger than they never had in the past. But just like their predators, the bunnies had evolved as well, but not enough... but they still have their secular intelligence to take care of the rude predators.

Lots of problems is what this little four furries will find in their adventure. They have to find a way to live with each other without killing themselves.

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