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Image CopyRighted by Rianith, herself. Part of a complete piece called 'Separated by Fate'
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Rianith (born October 14th, 1983), while commonly called a Daemon, is a 'Draconian Jackal-Cat', a creature composed up of a Black Dragon, a Black Jaguar, and an Anubian Jackal. She was born in the Detroit area of Michigan to the psychic, Lady Deiniara.

Born with a natural talent for art and aura reading, Rianith has always been rather strange, preferring for the most part to remain by herself, although due to circumstances beyond her control, she became rather anti-social and cynical towards others during her fifth grade year. Because of what happened, she became extremely defensive and modest, although the modesty levels have since reduced to - while still prudish by most Fur accounts - a less restrictive amount.

Currently, Rianith resides in northeastern Pennsylvania in an area called by the locals 'The Valley'.

Artist by trade, Rianith runs several websites to include a webcomic (The Misadventures of Dellie Doli'le) and commission site (Khemetian Designs).

While normally her coloration seems to be black fur and silver hair, when she is online on Tapestries MUCK, her coloration tends to take on a white-silver fur tone, indicating the character's Status as Anubis' Communer in the Temple of Divinity.


Rianith has been an artist since her early years as a pup when she first learned to pick up a pencil and hold it properly, and as always excelled in that area. While still getting the hang of the computer side of the artistic community - IE: 3D Images and Animation (2D and 3D) - she will readily pick up a pencil and sketch whatever her heart's desire, usually whenever she wishes it.

Besides being an artist, Rian' enjoys both reading and writing, although writing is not necessarily something she's good at.

For the last 12 years, Rianith has been a member of the [wikipedia:Society for Creative Anachronism|SCA] and enjoys both archery and thrown weapons. On the side, she enjoys watching her mother wipe the floor with anyone willing to fence her.

When returning to mundane - or normal - society, she enjoys role playing with her friends online, as well as spending time with loved ones, both family and friends. She herself runs two Inu-Yasha role plays on IRC's sorcery.net network, and an E-mail RP on Yahoo that's an interesting Avatar:The Last Airbender / Yu-Gi-Oh! crossover.

When Rianith was 13 years old, she started her Internet life, being introduced to #SunDragons_Cave on Dal.net on IRC. In those days, she went by the name Hallaya or Sabine.

At age 15 or 16 she was introduced to the Otherkin community and in turn the furry community through her boyfriend of the time, Echartea.

Her first attendance to anything among the fur community was Anthrocon 2007.

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