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Reziah was a furry who lived in Victoria, Australia.[1] His fursona was a hyena/dingo hybrid.[1]

Reziah was a semi-prominent furry in the Australian furry community between 2008-2012. His first foray into the furry fandom was on the IMVU platform, where he became friends with several members of the fandom. He allowed these members to introduce and induct him in the fandom where his maturity and level headedness quickly raised him to the position of one of the first moderators of the IMVU Furry community as soon as the platform added the functionality.[citation needed]

It took a few years before Reziah began to involve himself into his local furry community (thanks to local furry artist Hallward), becoming an administrator of the Melbourne furry Facebook page. He deeply involved himself in the local scene before briefly taking on the role of media correspondent[citation needed] of the MiDFur board of directors (prior to the convention renaming itself ConFurgence).

Reziah left both the board of MiDfur and the Melbourne Furry community amongst controversy[clarify] regarding the appointment of CynWolfe (against the wishes of the community)[citation needed] as Melbourne Furry community admin.


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