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Revolutionary Spark, also known as Revo Spark, or just Revo, Sly Teh Fennec and Harrisd06 Resident on Second Life (real name David Harris; born November 29 1994),[1] is a furry fan who lives in Cliftonville, Kent, United Kingdom.[2]

Revo has been role-playing via the role-play community on Facebook since 2007, whereas his first character was a Leafeon Pokémon.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Revolutionary Spark's First State
Revolutionary Spark's Second State
Revolutionary Spark's Final State

Revo joined the furry fandom in January 2008. He is an avid art commissioner. Revo was a SoFurry staff member for the site TeamSpeak voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. from 2013 to 2014.[3] He also staffed as an Admin for the Furry Social networking site known as FurGather though resigned in 2017 [4]


Revolutionary Spark's fursonas are:


A lindrac pronounced "Lin-Drake" is a small elemental dragon a hybrid of a Wyvern and a Hawk, these creatures start with a single base element that has to be mastered before being able to go into second state to gain a second attribute. The food they preference over is fish, they dislike most mammalian meat though they will eat fruits and mammals if no other food source can be found. the difference in forms are based on their level of mastery of their element starting with first state to evolve and to progress foward the lindrac must first master its basic element before gaining its second state in this form the mastery will be gained after mastering their secondary element to get into their elementary final state. A lindrac's colour pigment and markings are based on what element they are born with.


Primal Elements are the basic 5 elements that belong in this world Air, Earth, fire, water and lightning with the additional 2 primal being light and negative. there is also combination elements Dust, ice, scorch, blaze, magnet, crystal, explosion, storm, wood, lava and boil. these elements are a mix of the primal excluding the light and negative elements.


  • First State Revo - On this state, she stands at 2 feet, 10 inches (0.86 meters), weighing at 16.08 pounds (7.29 kilos), whose element is thunder (electricity) she is covered in soft fluffy fur from head to toe. The pigment in her fur is yellow with flushes of pink intertwined giving her fur a pinkish glossy look, her tail long and slim with charcoal black stained fur going up to a large ball of fluff, with the pinkish yellow glossy fur combining with three striped markings to form a lightning bolt. Her thighs have a single stripe, separate from her tail. Her alluring eyes are crimson red that entice people to her face with a bird like mouth, and cut in shaped ears with two tufted horns poking out of her tufted fluff like hair.
Being small, Revolutionary Spark is commonly underestimated with her abilities such as being a master blacksmith with her apprentice and building weapons to feed the masses who need them for defense. Now also being the Lieutenant Commander of Leurian Empire formerly known as D.E.M.O,(Dynamic Enforcement of Military Operations Founder being Sparky Electron a friend of Revo) she has the ability to command a large group of troops and train them in any way she wants though she never uses them and goes into battle alone.
Her blade, Kinsight Blade, was hand-forged by her own hand made from a mixture of antimatter and Obsidian for the core and the blade of crystal compound. A blade that is near indestructible though only being a prototype, it weighs more than a bus and can cut through anything
  • Second State Revo - On this state, she stands at standing at 3 feet, 10 inches (1.16 meters), weighing at 18.08 pounds (8.2 kilos), whose element is any single one.
During this form, Revo sprouts wings, her beak growing firmer like a hawk's, her ears get less fluffy, and her body gains feathers going all the way down towards a feathered long tail. Around her neck is a D.E.M.O. branded collar that normally restricts her from going into this form, but can be turned on to allow it with a turn of a dial. Her markings tip the feathers of her wings and on her ears, and her tail becomes fully yellow and black, as her hands and feet paws change into talons.
She does not use her blade in this form, relying instead on her speed, and whatever element she has chosen to punish her prey.
  • Final State Revo - A small Wyvern like creature with feathered arm wings and other hawk like features the height will be the size of a small adult being 5 feet, 10 inches (1.77 meters) weighing in at about 30 pounds (13.6 kilos) and wingspan being 10 feet from tip to tip. Not much is known about this final form but to the Lindrac Species it is a sign of mastery from their skills and abilities.The flight of final state is relatively unique due to it's flight pattern being more like pterosaurs, they take flight by pulling back on their wings like a slingshot using kinetic tension to then launch themselves into the air. The wings then extend allowing the Lindrac to glide away without needing to flap their large wingspan. [6]


Orion is a male Jackalope with emerald-green eyes, his fur colour is of natural browns and other earthy colours. He is 4 feet 2 inches tall (1.269 meters) and weighs 84 pounds (38.10 Kilos). The clothing he wears a green tunic tied by a black thin belt with small trinkets hanging off it and wears a brownish red kerchief around his neck finishing off his outfit.


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