Revar Desmera

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This is a page about a character in two furry novellas. Revar on FurryMUCK is based on this character.
Revar Desmera, as drawn by SilverBlue

Revar Desmera is a vampire bat character in two furry novellas by Watts Martin, A Gift of Fire, A Gift of Blood and The Lighthouse. The novellas were originally published in the furry fanzine YARF!, where they were illustrated by Zjonni, and were subsequently republished online. In a fan survey taken circa 1992, Revar and her stories were as well-known to many furry fans as popular comics characters of the day like Erma Felna.


  • Though a species of vampiric bats, the general physical description of Revar's species indicates that they are more likely flying foxes. The mention that they were magically created and are unaware of this magical creation seems to support this theory, as does the notion that they would prefer not to kill their prey. Revar's own apprehension about having to be a vampire, within the stories, seems to further support this theory.

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