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Marvel's Lizard (Dr. Curt Connors) and Spider-Man. Art by Spencer Blair.
Spitfire, a character in Extinctioners

Reptilians, also known as a reptilian humanoids or anthropomorphic reptiles, regarding mainstream culture, are fictional creatures that appear in folklore, fantasy, science fiction, and conspiracy theories.


This reptile-like character is typically depicted as an anthropomorphic, humanoid-like entity who is either bipedal or moves via typical snake locomotion (Nāga-like). They can be based on various types of actual reptiles such as lizards, crocodiles, alligators, turtles, snakes, dinosaurs, and even fictional dragons.

Reptilians and furry[edit]

In the furry fandom, "reptilian" can also identify such furries which identify with said phenotype. They follow the same pattern design and look like the characters in the above-mentioned mainstream examples.

The term used to describe reptilians is scalie.

The most common change in the fandom is to give some female characters reptilian mammalian traits, such as vaginal live birth (or in some instances, live birth via oviparity), and the presence of mammal (humanoid) breasts (with or without mammary glands). This inclusion, especially breasts, is mostly found on adult furry media.

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