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Duragan is an anthropomorphic lion character. He is regarded by many as the 'Tubby lion' for his recognizably large belly and is seen to his friends as friendly and kind.


Duragan was sent to Earth by accident when he met his time traveling dinosaur friend StevenSDF. Since there, he has come across many of his friends that he knows well. He used to be thin and slightly athletic, but has since gained weight under the curse of junk food. Duragan has a pet myox named Renita who lives with him in Cyber Central and works as a comic book artist making little stories about the myox.


Duragan is normally seen in his navy blue sweater, deep red baggy pants and goes around bare footed (or if you like, bare pawed). His mane is curly and short near the top and long enough to reach down to his waist. His tail has a small type of hair band to keep his tail tip relatively clean and straight.


  • Duragan's was originally based off the main villain in the video game 'The Bouncer' on the PS2 by Squaresoft. The main villain, Dauragon C. Mikado was a perfect name for the creator as it was an original name and had a nice theme to it to describe a fighter (even if Duragan is hopeless at martial arts and sticks to street brawling when it comes to a fight). When the creator went online with his name, he accidentally spelt his name incorrectly, spelling it how it sounded.
  • Duragan has a last name, but wasn't made until his creator gave him an account on Second Life. Since then, he is known as Duragan Howton, though he is still known more as Duragan the lion.


Renita is Duragan's pet Myox and is considered a life long companion to him as his pet and his first ever friend. Renita is 14 years old (moyxes love for around 40 years so she is late teen early adult in our years) pink with purple Lainen, has sky blue eyes, an orange nose, two rings on her tail tip (blue and orange) and weighs in a healthy 180 lbs. She is seen in terms of personality as wise, very friendly and loyal to Duragan and his friends, but does have a tendency to be very silly, disobedient and cocky. Yet despite this she is a sucker for tummy rubs and loves eating Delicion fruits and Popai grapes.


When Duragan was around 5 years old, he was wondering alone in the woods near the Ges-Fu valley opening where he Amani tribe lived and came across Renita b accident. When Renita was born, she was abandoned soon after and left to fend for herself. Finding a place in his heart for her, Duragan managed to encourage Renita to come back to the home he lived in where they knew each other very well. Until Duragan disappeared one day that is.

She came to the same world that Duragan came to by accident when she was worried sick about her owner's mysterious disappearance. She wondered into the forests and soon came across one of the myox tribes the Amani and were kind enough to be able to send her to the same world that Duragan was stranded on (Earth) and since then have been reunited and are full of old happy memories again... well until she annoys Duragan with her antics

More to come soon


Renita is seen to many as a harmless fat hound like creature that appears to show little interests in battle or ever entering any fights, but being a myox, she still has some good abilities should the worst come to light. She is surprisingly quick on her feet since her hind legs get plenty of exercise from running and her long tail helps make her very maneuverable. She is also a telepath and can summon spirits with her abilities such as summoning fruits and some items from anywhere on the planet. She has very strong jaws and sharp teeth for biting and retractable claws for scratching and cutting various things. But her most offensive attack comes from pinning opponents and with her weight, she can revent many foes from freeing themselves. The only other opponent worthy of a myox is another myox, to which Renita - when she gets started - will boast only one thing

"Bring em' on!"

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