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Magnus Diridian (pronounced die-RIDE-ian, real name Robert Michael Sojkowski, born February 25, 1972) is a fursuiter and fursuit-maker who lives in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, USA.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Having joined the furry fandom since 2003, Magnus Diridian is the owner of the fursuit making company, Chirrfull Creations.


Magnus owns several fursuit characters which he constructed himself:

  • Renegade - An anthropomorphic raccoon skunk hybrid with a mohawk. Completed in May 2004, this costume depicted Magnus' personal fursona. He can be seen wearing Renegade in a majority of his videos on his YouTube channel.
  • Acid Fox (also known as Indigen), Acid Raccoon (also known as Zyga-Sates), Acid Tiger (also known as Dereuge and pimp tiger), Acid Dragon (also known as Urseid), Acid Horse (also known as Gel-Paron) and Acid Skunk (also known as Raise): a band of psychedelically-coloured furs.
  • Wildstar - An anthropomorphic deer wolf hybrid. Completed in 2009, this suit features real antlers.
  • T-SAC - An anthropomorphic hyena created in 2009 alongside Wildstar. This "Road Warrior" hyena is often seen posing with his water gun.
  • Tristan- An anthropomorphic green dragon. This suit was constructed in 2010 and made to be easy to stay cool inside.
  • The Buccan-Ear - A large rabbit created in 2011. This suit's theme is mainly based off pirates, hence the name "Buccan-Ear," a play on "Buccaneer" (a type of pirate) and also poking fun at the large ears featured on its head. It is most often seen wearing a cape and pirate hat with a rabbit skull and crossbones with carrots instead of bones displayed on the front. In addition, it carries around a carrot cutlass. This is the most physically limiting suit Magnus has made, mainly because of the large stuffed belly.
  • Crackerjack Also known as "The Rainbow Connection," this was Magnus' take on the Crux species. Made in 2012, this suit is all black with stripes of every color of the rainbow.
  • Murrica - An anthropomorphic fox designed with the colors from the American flag. It was constructed in 2014. This suit was made to portray an overall patriotic theme, and is often worn with an American flag as a cape. This is one of the only toony-eye style suits Magnus has made.
  • Mardi-Gras is a green, yellow and purple Sergal constructed in 2016. This suit was made as a personal challenge to create a complex character. The suit is covered in spots and stripes, with furry scales along the back of the head and tail.
  • The Gradian Empire is one of Magnus' more well-known suits. It was constructed in 2016 alongside Mardi-Gras. It is a large blue and pink bat, with wings that extend 15 feet out in total. The suit features large fluffy ears and zentai for legs. Designed to be a vampire bat, this character has an alluring personality and speaks like Count Dracula. Along with the Buccan-Ear, it is a very physically limiting suit.
  • Grimace McWendys also known as "Burger" or "The Klown" is an anthropomorphic hyena inspired by the design of Ronald McDonald, the McDonald's mascot. It features a Pikachu-like tail instead of the traditional hyena tail, and sometimes carries around a plush burger and fries. This was the first suit Magnus completed in February 2017.
  • StarBurst - A peacock fursuit built in June 2017. This suit was a remake of an older peacock suit Magnus made, and features a large tail with all the colors of the rainbow.

This list is nowhere near complete. Several older suits were left out due to being retired.

Convention attendance[edit]


Criminal History[edit]

On July 15, 1999, Mr. Sojkowski was charted for retail theft which occurred on June 20, 1999. A plea deal was accepted as the disposition states, "Waived for Court" on the docket. [2]

On October 8, 2002, he was charged for theft by unlawful taking-movable property, disorderly conduct hazardous physical offense, loitering and prowling at night time and attempted theft by unlawful taking of moveable property. A hearing was held on October 24, 2002 where two charges were dismissed while the charges for loitering and prowling at night time and disorderly conduct hazardous physical offense were held for court. [3]The case was then moved to the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas. [4] On August 26, 2004, he accepted a guilty plea and was sentenced to serve 1 year probation.

On May 5, 2004, he was charged with Terroristic threats cause evacuation of building, terroristic threats cause serious public inconvenience, recklessly endangering another person, harassment - communications lewd, threatening, etc. language, and disorderly conduct hazardous physical offense. The hearing was waived and charges listed as "waved for court" indicating he accepted a plea agreement. The terms of the plea agreement aren't listed on the docket. [5]


In 2015, Magnus generated controversy by creating Arkansas, a wolf fursuit with a confederate flag-styled pattern on his back.[6] After wearing the suit to Midwest FurFest 2015, he was eventually detained by security and banned from the convention until 2017, "for (his) own safety".[6] The person[who?] who wore the suit in the fursuit parade was also banned.[6]

At Anthrocon 2017, Magnus wore the suit again, attempting to conceal the Confederate flag design under a white sheet.[7] As the suit was against Anthrocon's existing policy,[8] he was asked not to wear it again.[9] Upon determining that he had not paid for his 2017 membership, Magnus was subsequently banned from attending Anthrocon in the future until payment is made.[9]

Midwest FurFest 2017[edit]

Magnus Diridian was arrested on Friday, December 1, 2017, during Midwest Furfest.[citation needed] Magnus had been banned prior from the convention and the hotel grounds,[citation needed] but still made an attempt to ghost the con. He wore a black, red and white wolf fursuit with a German WW1-style pickelhaube helmet in the hotel lobby, supposedly saying "sieg heil."[citation needed] When staff realized who he was, he was asked to leave. He was soon taken into custody by local police.

Magnus created a GoFundMe campaign after the incedent to attempt to raise money for potential legal fees, as the staff of MFF had pressed charges against him on December 4th.[citation needed] He admitted[citation needed] that he had been charged with trespassing and battery, both Class A Misdemeanors, The campaign was deleted not long after it was posted.[citation needed]



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